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Company History

SiTele Inc was founded in 2004 as a consulting company. Later on, in 2007, and 2015, SiTele’s principals founded two more high tech manufacturing companies. One of them was recently sold successfully. In March of 2016, a new generation grew up and took over this family business. Misha Stouklov decided to take the semi-dormant SiTele in a new direction – high tech distribution. As a recent business graduate from Babson College (world ranked #1 in entrepreneurship), Misha is applying his hands on entrepreneurial experience to an e-commerce distribution model. He redefined SiTele by turning it into an online store for thermoelectric coolers. Today, SiTele distributes high performance, reliable, and cost efficient thermoelectric modules in North America from Kryotherm; one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturers of thermoelectric coolers (TECs) and other micro-TEC suppliers.

What we sell

As mentioned previously, SiTele distributes TECs from both Kryotherm and other micro-TEC suppliers. We maintain a modestly sized stock of a number of various popular modules. Due to our close ties with all suppliers, though, we can easily and quickly process custom orders and provide fast delivery schedules.

Our Family Team

Misha Stouklov: Misha is the President of SiTele Inc. He leads business development, management of the company, and provides financial control. He is putting his Babson “MBA like” business education to good use in founding, running, and expanding his business.

Igor Stouklov: Igor, Misha’s father, applies his previous experiences as a founder of 4 high tech startups and offers valuable advice to Misha. He helps Misha steer the business in the right direction and optimize its performance.


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