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Micro-TECs Custom Orders

Call or email us with the following information and we will find the perfect module for you:

  • Desired specifications or parameters

  • Application requirements

  • Any additional information or questions

Primary Market Served

  • LD and Superluminescent Diodes

  • X-Ray and IR- Sensing Applications

  • Photodetectors

  • Avalanche Photodiodes (APD)

  • Focal Plane Arrays (FPA)

  • Charge Couple Devices (CCD)

Micro cooler.jpg

Custom Ordering Details

  • 4-5 week lead time

  • Quick and efficient shipping

  • 2.5x faster development and manufacturing on average

  • 100% quality control

  • RoHS compliant

Product Portfolio

  • Single stage TECs

  • Multi-stage TECs

  • TECs with holes

  • Custom shapes

  • Sub-assemblies

  • Miniature thermoelectric generators

Micro Coolers 2.jpg
Micro 3.jpg
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