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Miniature Coolers for Radio Electronics

Here at SiTele, we have Kryotherm's miniature thermoelectric coolers (TECs) that are used for direct cooling (and freezing) and temperature stabilization of small size temperature-sensitive electronic components and devices. Such TECs could be installed into vacuum-processed cases.

Sample design of miniature TECs

These miniature Peltier devices are great for the following applications:

— input stages of low-noise amplifiers and receivers;

— optical communication laser diode;

— interferometer laser diode;

— microprocessors and critical microchips;

— PCBs and electronic units;

— infrared detectors;

— CCD- matrix, incl. night vision equipment;

— photomultipliers, photodetectors and other temperature sensitive elements and components of electronic devices.

These coolers could also be directly integrated into the standard devices e.g. ТО (ТО3, ТО8 etc), HHL, DIL, Butterfly or any other special enclosures.

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