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What Types of Thermoelectric Products do We Sell?

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Here at SiTele we have almost all types of Peltier devices to fulfill your needs! Continue reading below to find out to see if we have what you need.

1. Industrial application TECs (high efficiency TECs, standard, two-section, round and rectangular TECs with a hole) are widely used in industrial cooling and temperature stabilization systems.

2. Coolers for radio-electronics application are used for mini and micro coolers for temperature stabilization of microchips, semiconductor lasers, different kinds of sensors and other temperature sensitive electronic components and units.

3. Multistage TECs are very useful when single-stage TECs are not able to provide the required temperature difference. Miniature size and up to 140K temperature difference determine the area of application as for deep freezing of small size electronic devices (mostly sensors and CCD matrixes for self-noise reduction). Also multistage TEСs are widely used for deep-freeze refrigerators for medicine and scientific equipment.

4. Special (customized) TECs are designed for special applications in case of specific requirements to TEC design and performance.

5. TECs for domestic application are produced in big quantities for consumer refrigeration devices (picnic boxes, mini-bars, wine cabinets, water coolers, etc.).

6. Thermoelectric Generating Modules (TGMs) generate electric power by direct conversion of heat flow into electromotive force.

7. Thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs) are cooling and heating devices, consisting of several high-density heat-exchangers bolted together with high efficient thermoelectric coolers between them. Their application allows the creation of temperature control systems with operating temperatures equal to or less than ambient temperatures with maximum coefficient of performance (COP).

8. Thermoelectric generating assemblies (TEGAs) and complete devices are stand-alone thermoelectric power sources, consisting of heat source and the heat sink bolted together with thermoelectric generating modules (TGMs) between them.

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