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Shipping Policy

Worldwide shipping from Kryotherm, Russia 

Orders are shipped by air using UPS. A tracking number is included with your order. 

Sample order (5 or fewer modules): $65

Large Order (6+ modules): $110

Custom order: Pricing depends on order size/weight

Shipping from SiTele, California, United States 

Small USPS Package (<10 modules): $7.20

Small UPS Package (<10 modules): $12.00

Large UPS Package (10+ modules): $24.00

Return & Exchange Policy

The warranty period is 12 months from the start of the operation, but not more than 18 months from date of shipment. The average life of the thermoelectric modules is at least 10 years, subject to the conditions of installation and operation. Guarantees do not apply to products that fail due to violations of the conditions of storage, transport, unpacking, assembly and operation.

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