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Macro Coolers/Generators

  • 300+ types of TECs/TGMs in stock

  • Made in Uzbekistan

  • GTEGs/Assemblies available as well 

  • Competitive pricing

  • Short lead times

  • Quick, efficient shipping

  • Custom engineered solutions

  • We accept ANY order size

Micro Coolers/Generators

  • 5000+ types of micro-TECs 

  • Made in Kazakhstan

  • From 0.5x0.5 mm to 24x24 mm

  • Both single and mutli-stage modules

  • Perfect for packages and laser applications

  • Up to 40W/square cm. cooling power density

  • Regular or HD pellet density

  • Sn-Sb assembly solder with 230C melting point

Custom Crystal Optics

Polarizing Optics

Substrates, Windows, and Wafers


Optoelectronic and Laser Components


glan prism.JPG
TGM-199-1,4-0,8 HT (2).jpg

Popular Modules in Stock 

Top products off the shelf located in the United States!

Micro Coolers 2.jpg
    Welcome to SiTele! Distributor for:
 Kryotherm, Micro TEC,
ELAN, and other
 TEC-micro suppliers
Micro Coolers 2.jpg

Why work with us?

Here at SiTele, we deliver high quality and reliable products with our:

  • Engineering and sales skills

  • Quick support 

  • Direct communication with manufacturer

  • Rigorous quality control

  • Competitive prices

  • Strong supplier relationships

  • Located in USA

Micro cooler.jpg

Custom Orders

We can obtain the right module for you for almost any application!

  • Micro-TECs

  • Mutli-stage TECs

  • Round TECs

  • TEC with hole

  • Generating modules 

  • Two section TECs

  • Many sealants

  • Multiple ceramics

  • Custom wires

  • Various coatings



We can obtain the following assemblies for you from our manufacturers:

  • Air to air

  • Air to surface

  • Liquid to liquid

  • Liquid to surface

  • GTG for oil and gas

  • TO Style Headers

  • Box-Like Packages

  • Custom sub-assemblies

"[The] Frost 74 module is one of the best modules I've ever used in my 20 years of experimenting with Peltier modules. It is 18% cooler and uses 20% less electricity than the best chips I've got my hands on, which are Nord, Marlow, Ferrotec." 

Real Testimonials

"Your modules performed well. We ended up redesigning our fixture and implemented your module, which has 30% higher Q value."

 - Dan - 

"The Peltier’s are functional and exceeding our specifications."

- Aabir -

 - Jerry - 

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