Our Suppliers

Kryotherm (aka Ecogen Thermoelectric) from St. Petersburg, Russia




Kryotherm was founded in 1992 on the basis of the large research and development institute that designed thermoelectric modules (TEMs) and related subsystems for the needs of the Army and aerospace industry. The company has taken the leading position in the world thermoelectric market since the very beginning due to its great scholarly potential and modern management techniques employed. At that time Kryotherm goals have been re-oriented at its products civil applications as well. At present, Kryotherm staff numbers 200 employees, 13 of them hold Ph.D. degree.

Since the very beginning, Kryotherm has carved a unique niche in the thermoelectric high technology market due to our adhering to the company's mission, which are:

  • To design and manufacture highly efficient and reliable thermoelectric products;

  • To carry out scientific research to expand the reach of our technology as well as to make enhancements to the existing product items;

  • To create the right thermoelectric solutions for our customers;

  • To offer the best customer-oriented services to meet all the expectations of our clients.

Kryotherm constantly widens its product range. Today they manufacture over 250 types of regular TEMs. Design and manufacturing of custom TEMs and related subsystems is another Kryotherm core business. Our forty-year experience in the field of thermoelectricity enables us to offer our clients the most effective solutions to fully meet their needs and requirements.

Besides, our high production capacity enables us to remain cost competitive and Kryotherm has a well-earned reputation for product reliability and longevity. The company's financial stability, high quality of the goods produced and our expertise in the field of thermoelectricity have helped us significantly to be ranked among the most reliable and trustworthy partners.

Kryotherm headquarters
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TEC Microsystems GmbH from Berlin, Germany



Founded in 2007, the Hi-Tec company TEC Microsystems GmbH is based in the prominent Technology Park Berlin Adlershof, Germany. Thermoelectric technologies are their core competence based on almost a decade of analysis, innovative development, product design and numerous successful projects in this field. Specialized in miniature thermoelectric modules (Peltier elements), TEC Microsystems GmbH is a driver of innovation and technological progress including state-of-the-art analysis techniques. Their worldwide customers operate in key industries like opto-electronics, telecom, micro-electronics, space, medical equipment/health care, security systems and fundamental research.


TEC Microsystems GmbH is focused on miniature thermoelectric modules developments and manufacturing  technologies. Their key advantages are practical implementation of technologies and know how in real manufacturing. Their company provides all key engineering services for manufacturing process development, setup, optimization and improvements. Since 2007 TEC Microsystems engineers developed more than 5000 different thermoelectric solutions for customers in laser and optoelectronics industry.

Their experience and know how allow to make quick developments and find the most efficient solutions with thermoelectric technologies.


TEC Microsystems GmbH also successfully uses thermoelectric technologies for small scale energy harvesting as a  seminal strategic component into its business operations.