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TB-127-1,4-1,5 (Frost-72) (40x40x3.9 mm)

TB-127-1,4-1,5 (Frost-72) (40x40x3.9 mm)

SKU: 0002

Maximum Cooling Power: 62W
Maximum Temperature Difference: 72K
Height: 3.9mm
Wire Length: 400mm
Sealing: silicone
Metallization: none
Manufactured by Kryotherm

  • Product Info

    TEC Parameters Unit Value
    Imax Amps 6.2
    Umax Volts 16.3
    Delta T Max K 72
    Qmax Watts 62.0
    R (at 295 K) Ohm 2.05
    Tolerance % +/- 10


    Assembly Parameters Unit Value
    Wires HB-0.35 4 600  
    Cross section mm^2 0.35
    Metallization None  
    Sealing Silicone  
    Internal Solder C 139
    Brazing Solder C N/A



    Operations Parameters Unit Value
    Work temp range C -50 to +80
    Max processing range C 130
    RoHS compliant   YES
  • Return & Refund Policy

    The warranty period is 12 months from the start of the operation, but not more than 18 months from date of shipment. The average life of the thermoelectric modules is at least 10 years, subject to the conditions of installation and operation. Guarantees do not apply to products that fail due to violations of the conditions of storage, transport, unpacking, assembly and operation.

  • Shipping Info

    Small USPS Package (<10 modules): $7.20

    Small UPS Package (<10 modules): $12.00

    Large UPS Package (10+ modules): $24.00

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