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Which Applications are Thermoelectric (Peltier) Devices best suited for?

Thermoelectric coolers (TEC) for industrial applications

provide high efficiency, reliability, and performance accuracy.

Operation at temperature cycling conditions often requires

rapid periodical changes of the temperatures of one or both

sides of a TEC in a wide (several tens of degrees) range and

a lifetime up to 500,000 cycles. Thermoelectric modules and

systems produced by Kryotherm/Ecogen meet all the modern

industrial standards and special requirements. The quality and

reliability of TECs are verified by numerous tests performed

according to our advanced Quality Management System.

General Engineering:— electronics and telecommunications equipment cooling andthermostabilization;— thermoelectric cooling assemblies for electrical andelectronics cabinets;— high speed integrated circuits cooling;— freezers for part fixing on a worktable;— systems for temperature control over precision machiningprocess equipment;— equipment for active heat cycling for use in reliability testingof microprocessors and microchips;— technological liquid coolers (exchangers) for semiconductorindustry equipment;— constant temperature baths for different technologyprocesses;— climatic chambers for radio electronic components testing;— cooling systems for industrial and medical lasers and their’spower supply units.Medicine equipment:— built-in refrigerators and conditioners for medicalequipment;— temperature controlled portable containers for storage andtransportation of biological materials;— temperature cycling systems for genetic engineering andPCR-diagnostics;— heat exchangers for surgery;— devices for recovery and preventive therapy;— cold plates and isothermal bases for pharmacy and biology.Measurement equipment:— gas sampling dehumidifier;— blackbody radiation standard;— dew-point sensor;— oil clouding-point tester;— heat flow probes.Transport:— refrigerators and water coolers for cars, coaches, yachts, etc.;— local systems for driver air conditioning and climatization intractors and heavy trucks.Food industry:— cooling devices for industrial production, storage andtransportation of foods;— water and beverage coolers for restaurants, bars and cafes.

Kryotherm's TEC’s can operate at high temperatures,

pressures, humidity and in fine vacuum.

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